About The Collection

About the Collection:                                                    

The goal of the Watermelon Collection is to spread awareness about the ongoing crisis in Palestine and provide support for the victims. To achieve this, we are making a collection of watermelon-themed pieces (a symbol of support for the Palestinians) and donating half of the proceeds to ANERA’s Gaza relief fund.


About ANERA:

ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) is an American 501 organization with no political or religious affiliation dedicated to providing humanitarian and developmental aid in the Middle-East. Specifically in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Jordan.They have worked in Palestine for 55 years and have established a presence within the community and a relationship with its citizens. Because of this, they are able to better understand the situation of the area and what the people there truly need. 

Due to the gravity of the situation in the area, ANERA has directed most of their funds and efforts to providing Gazan civilians and refugees with essential supplies needed to survive the war. This includes food, clean water, medical aid, tents, tarps, and more.

Millions of innocent civilians have lost their families, loved ones, homes, and more due to the destruction of the ongoing war with Israel. The situation grows more dire everyday and there is a growing number of people in unlivable conditions that need the resources ANERA and other charities provide. 

Here’s a link to ANERA’s website with more information on who they are and what they do: https://www.anera.org/who-we-are/


Why Watermelons?:     

Though the watermelon has risen in popularity as a way to symbolize solidarity with Palestinians due to online censorship, it got its symbolic origin several years ago from the Arab-Israeli war in 1967. 

The Israeli government banned public displays of the Palestinian flag as well as its colors of green, red, black, and white. While the ban was lifted in 1993, Israel’s National Security Minister ordered the removal of all flags again last year.

The exact origin of the watermelon symbol varies, but many used it to show Palestinian support after the flag ban because it has the same colors and could not be outlawed. 


About the War:

While the Israel-Palestine conflict garnered significant media attention after October 7th, 2023, that is not when it began. This fight has been going on for nearly a century. We here at Opulence believe it’s important to know the history and origins of the war so we can take an educated and proper stance on the matter. 

Here’s a few links to some websites and articles that provide helpful maps and information to better understand what is happening and why: